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We are looking for partners to coordinate and run a Veg City campaign in their local area.

We would like to work with local authorities or food partnerships, but we will also consider working with any local partner as long as they can demonstrate that they are working together with other groups locally.

The campaign encourages local organisations to take action from increasing the portions of veg in every meal in restaurants and catering, to organising veg challenges and competitions in schools and events in the community in seven different sectors:

  • Councils
  • Community groups
  • Education
  • Health and hospitals
  • Workplaces
  • Restaurants and catering
  • Retail and markets

We believe the campaign can offer an umbrella under which food partnerships can amplify and build upon the work they are already doing, be it food growing, cooking classes in the community, food waste events and projects, putting a veg twist on it and shouting about the issue.

To know more or get involved, please visit the Veg Cities website and get in touch with Sofia Parente, SFC Campaigns Coordinator

Veg Cities Grants

We are pleased to have been able to support 14 local food partnerships of the Sustainable Food Cities Network with small grants of £5,000 to help them run local Veg Cities campaigns.


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