Developing Aims, Objectives and Action Plan

Step 3: Launch - Confirm, agree and initiate the food action plan and partnership

This step will again bring together potential delivery partners, present the draft action plan, promote membership (if you have one), and launch the food partnership. If you have reached this stage, you may be ready to apply for SFC Network membership.

Partnership launch event

The launch event is an important opportunity to publicise the partnership, vision and draft action plan and to begin growing your influence. The event also allows partners to continue to contribute to a more detailed action planning process – really beginning to determine and decide upon a prioritisation of objectives, identification of specific activities aimed at delivering them and deciding on approaches that can be adopted to implement the activities. This is best achieved through a well-designed and facilitated launch event that could also include the launch of the partnership’s website and logo.


  • Who are potential members of the partnership?
  • How clear are people about the Food Partnerships vision and aims?
  • How important is the Food Partnership?
  • Do you agree with the vision / aims/ objectives / approaches?
  • What should be the highest priority activities to deliver the objectives and support the approaches?
  • Who should be doing what – leading the activities?
  • What are the opinions / perspectives of key strategic partners?


Leon Ballin
Sustainable Food Cities

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