Setting up a Food Partnership

Creating a joint vision

At the heart of any successful food partnership is a strong vision that stakeholders buy into. The food partnership needs to be about people working together and collaborating rather than things happening ad hoc and independently. Begin by asking ‘What are the key issues for us?’ What are the key outcomes that we want to see in order to achieve our vision? Time spent building a common understanding of what you are about will pay dividends later on and is the ‘glue’ that holds the partnership together as it matures. Partnerships that are ‘re-starting’ after a period of inactivity may also find it useful to hold a visioning event to ensure buy in of key stakeholders.

Many SFC Network members have found it useful to present their vision in the form of a food charter. A clearly written food charter can be a great communication tool for your partnership. Look at these examples of Food Charters to get some ideas.

Food Charter Top Tips

  • Make it broad in scope to allow for changing priorities further down the line
  • Reflect the range of key issues identified locally (these often tally with the 6 SFC areas)
  • Keep it short and easy to communicate to a wide audience
  • It’s a good idea to include your Food Charter vision statement in your terms of reference


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