Setting up a Food Partnership

Terms of Reference

Your terms of reference describe how you wish to operate as a group. They outline the rules and procedures that you wish to abide by. They typically include:

  • Aim / purpose of the Food Partnership
  • Membership
  • Steering group structure
  • Decision making processes
  • Conflict resolution
  • Appointment of chair
  • Meeting protocols

Have a look at the examples of Terms of References from SFC Food Partnerships:

Partnerships Housed in the Third Sector

Partnerships Housed in the Public Sector

Independent Partnerships

Articles of Association are available on the Companies House website for any Food Partnership that is registered as a company.

Top Tips

  • For membership of the SFC Network your food partnership will need to meet at least quarterly.
  • Your vision statement may just be a couple of sentences or a bullet point list describing how your approach aligns with the SFC 6 key areas, but it’s important that your stakeholders buy into it.
  • Your terms of reference will need to demonstrate that you are committed to the SFC ethos and intend to be active across all 6 areas of sustainable food systems.


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