Building community food knowledge, skills, resources and projects

Grassroots energy, innovation and action are the engine of positive food change and it is vital that individuals and communities can build the knowledge, skills, resources and projects to make that change happen. Below and in the drop down menu on the right you will find inspiring city initiatives and helpful resources on community food.

What you can do

1. Establish a network for community food activists

… that helps them to share ideas and resources and directs them to advice, training, grants and/or tools.

2. Map and make available assets

… such as green and brownfield sites, redundant retail and other buildings that can be used for community food projects and allotments.

3. Incorporate food growing in local development

... through the creation of roof gardens and community growing spaces in residential housing and commercial developments.

4. Increase community food growing

… through additional allotment provision, edible landscapes and through initiatives such as The Big Dig and Incredible Edible.

5. Improve food education and engagement in schools

… through holistic programmes, such as the Food for Life Partnership, which include growing, cooking, farm visits and improvements to meals and dining culture.

6. Provide training opportunities on buying and cooking

… nutrition and hygiene and access to community kitchens for a variety of audiences including young adults, families and the vulnerable elderly.

7. Change local authority policy and practice

… to enable individuals and communities to get better access to resources that could be used for food enterprises or projects.

8. Help communities protect and take control of assets

… for food growing and other projects, for example by using the Sustainable Communities Act.


Leon Ballin
Sustainable Food Cities

Sustainable Food Cities is a partnership programme run by

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Sustainable Food Cities is funded by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation 

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