Promoting healthy and sustainable food

Increasing public awareness of and interest in healthy and sustainable food is a vital first step to creating a positive food culture. Below and in the drop down menu on the right are some practical suggestions on how to develop a powerful communication and engagement programme, including inspiring city initiatives and useful resources.

What you can do

1. Run healthy eating campaigns

... - such as breastfeeding, healthy weight, 5-a-day, Eatwell, cook from scratch, and sugar, salt and fat reduction - that aim to change public behaviour, particularly among hard to reach audiences.

2. Run sustainable food campaigns

… to promote more public consumption of fresh, seasonal, local, organic, sustainably sourced fish, high animal welfare, meat free and/or Fairtrade food.

3. Develop a food charter

... that encapsulates the food vision for your city and encourage organisations to take action to turn that vision into reality.

4. Develop an identity

… brand and/or strap-line for your city-wide initiative and promote it to the public as an umbrella for all the great work on healthy and sustainable food in your city.

5. Use a variety of communications tools

… such as web sites, social media, magazines, film shows, radio and press pieces, talks and conferences to raise public awareness of and interest in food, health and sustainability issues.

6. Create opportunities for the public

… to see, taste and learn about healthy and sustainable food - for example through demonstration, sharing and celebration events such as food festivals and ‘town meals’.

7. Map and promote community food projects

... and engagement opportunities through print, broadcast and on-line media and/or via open days, food trails and volunteer recruitment and support programmes.

8. Create opportunities for people to buy

... affordable healthy and sustainable food through markets and mobile pop-up shops and restaurants, particularly in areas with no existing provision.


Leon Ballin
Sustainable Food Cities

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