Promoting healthy and sustainable food


Use the links below for useful information, toolkits and guides to help you take action. 

1. Run healthy eating campaigns

Healthy eating

First Steps Nutrition Trust provides resources and support for healthy eating in early years.

Healthy weight, healthy lives: a toolkit for developing local strategies (NHS) provides guidance on how to take a strategic approach to promoting healthy food.

Public Health England provides a concise summary of government’s healthy eating recommendations and the dietary reference values upon which they are based.


Baby Friendly Initiative (UNICEF) promotes a global accreditation programme to support breastfeeding and parent infant relationships.

Be a Star Breastfeeding campaign (Central Lancashire PCT) is an award-winning breastfeeding campaign aimed at hard to reach mothers aged 15 to 25.

5 A Day

5 A Day campaign (NHS) provides a wealth of practical tips on how to eat a healthy balanced diet on a budget.


Guide to the Eatwell plate (Public Health England) explains the Eatwell plate and how to use it in promotional material.


Food Revolution Day is a global day of action to celebrate good food and promote cooking and cooking skills in schools, workplaces and at home.

Sugar, salt and fat

Action on Junk Food Marketing (British Heart Foundation) is a campaign to protect children from junk food marketing on TV and online.

Change 4 Life (NHS) campaign provides advice on how to eat healthily including reducing sugar, salt and fat.

Consensus Action on Salt and Health campaigns to reduce salt and sugar consumption.

Gulp is a campaign from Food Active which aims to raise awareness of the health harms associated with over consumption of sugary drinks.

2. Run sustainable food campaigns

Sustainable eating

The British Dietetic Association's One Blue Dot project brings together information on healthy diets and sustainability to tackle the “urgency of change” that is needed in how people eat.

Eat Smart Action Pack is a toolkit developed by Friends of the Earth to promote healthier, greener diets.

Eating Better is a broad alliance working to help people move towards diet’s that are better for them and for the planet.

Food Security: demand, consumption and waste report published by the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee calls on food retailers and government to do more to help consumers to choose healthy food options from sustainable sources.

The principles of healthy and sustainable eating patterns report published by Global Food Security outlines 8 principles for a healthy and sustainable diet.

Grace Communications Foundation raises awareness of food-related environmental and public health issues and to promote a more sustainable future.

LiveWell for LIFE presents a healthy diet that can reduce the impact food production and consumption has on the environment.

Sustainable Food Trust provides information – including articles, blogs, research papers – on all aspects of sustainable food.

Sustain represents nearly 100 national public interest organisations working to promote healthy, sustainable, local and ethical food. 

'Planetary Health Diet' - for a global Great Food Transformation (2019) is the first full scientific review of what constitutes a healthy diet from a sustainable food system has been published by the EAT- Lancet Commission. 


Eat seasonably celebrates eating the right things at the right time and runs a nationwide campaign to help you enjoy fruit and veg at its seasonal best.


Making Local Food Work aimed to reconnect people and land through local food by increasing access to fresh, healthy, local food with clear, traceable origins.

Sourdough September, run by the Real Bread Campaign, is a series of events promoting small bakeries and home baking of sourdough bread.


Soil Association campaigns for healthy, humane and sustainable food, farming and land use. It runs an annual Organic September campaign.

Pesticide Action Network (PAN) campaigns against hazardous pesticides and promotes safe and sustainable alternatives.

Sustainable fish

Fish2Fork is a campaigning restaurant guide to help customers find restaurants serving sustainable fish.

Sustainable Fish Cities is a national campaign to persuade restaurants and caterers to adopt sustainable seafood policies and practices.

Animal welfare

Compassion in World Farming campaigns to improve animal welfare and put an end to factory farming.

Meat free

Meat Free Monday is a campaign to promote vegetarian food one day a week.

Vegetarian Society works with businesses, government agencies, policy makers and professionals to promote vegetarian lifestyles.

Chatham House published Changing Climate, Changing Diets Pathways to Lower Meat Consumption raising warnings about the need for concerted action to prevent global warming from passing the danger level of 2C.


Fairtrade Foundation runs an award scheme - FairTrade Town - and an annual Fairtrade Fortnight to promote Fairtrade products.

3. Develop a food charter

Our Food Plan: a Toolkit and Process is a toolkit developed by F3 the local food consultants to help you create a vision and action plan in your community.

4. Develop an identity

See some of the city initiatives working to achieve this.

5. Use a variety of communications tools

Building Local Food Systems - A toolkit (Food Matters) includes ideas on how to get people practically involved and tips on effective communications and campaigning.

Food Climate Research Network aims to understand and tackle food, climate and broader sustainability issues via a whole-systems approach and produce a wide range of publications on these issues (see FCRN Foodsource).

Food Ethics Council primarily guides policy-makers but its website has a wealth of information on key national and global food issues.

Food Mythbusters creates films to spark public discussion about key food issues and the sustainability of our food system.

Food Statistics Pocketbook 2012 (Defra) provides an overview and some useful statistical information on the UK food system.

Food Systems Academy - an open education resource to increase your understanding of our food systems through online talks and analysis from international experts.

6. Create opportunities for the public to see, taste and learn

Can Do Guide provides resources for organising a voluntary event.

How to run a Pumpkin Rescue, a comprehensive free guide made available by Hubbub.

Sustain has produced a Good Food Guide for Festival and Street-food Caterers - how to serve up sustainable food.

7. Map and promote community food projects

See some of the city initiatives working to achieve this.

8. Create new opportunities for people to buy

Sustain’s Food Co-op Toolkit provides advice on setting up buying clubs, stalls, box schemes, mobile stores, shops and markets.


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Sustainable Food Cities

Sustainable Food Cities is a partnership programme run by

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Food Matters

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