Save the date: Beyond Food Brexit: where are the next opportunities for food policy?

07 March 2019 00:00 - 07 March 2019 00:00
To be confirmed

In July 2016, the Food Research Collaboration convened a meeting to discuss what Brexit might mean for the UK’s food systems. Little did we think that with just three months to go till we leave the EU, we would still have so little idea about how it is going to happen. In the interim, we have published a stream of Brexit Briefings, many of our members have produced reports, there have been numerous parliamentary inquiries, and we have had a new Agriculture Bill. It all adds up to a huge amount of rethinking for the food policy sector. Where are we, what have we learned and where do we go next? On Thursday 7 March 2019 we are planning to hold a follow-up meeting. Please hold the date, and if you have any thoughts about what we should discuss, send them to


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