Webinar - Pumpkin Rescue: Join the fight against food waste

16 July 2019 14:00 - 16 July 2019 15:00

The Pumpkin Rescue is part of a movement started by sustainability charity Hubbub. It uses pumpkins as a staple to talk about food waste and change people’s behaviours. It started in 2014 and so far it has delivered nearly 200 events and workshops attended by over 12,000 people in which 17,000 pumpkins have been diverted from landfill.

Good Food Oxford has organised a Pumpkin Festival in the city over the last 4 years. Over the course of a week, organisations offer special
events or menus geared to use surplus pumpkins, teach new skills and celebrate the humble pumpkin.

All types of organisations can get involved, from restaurants to community groups, caterers to schools by organising events, talks and workshops with the purpose of saving pumpkins going to waste and educating people about avoiding food waste. If you are interested in joining the movement, tune into the webinar to learn more about the campaign, how to get involved and resources and support available.

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Leon Ballin
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