Agriculture Bill falls short of supporting sustainable food systems

13 September 2018

Sustain has responded to the recently published Agriculture Bill:

Vicki Hird, farm Campaign Coordinator, Sustain, said: “There are welcome measures in this new agriculture bill. Paying farmers for public goods like air and water quality is much preferable to simply rewarding land ownership. However, we would have liked to see a much more explicit link to tackling public health challenges and creating a fit for purpose food system. It sounds like Michael Gove has missed the chance to create new powers to tackle unfair supply chains, bad trade policies or ensure workers are protected. We’ll be calling for the bill to be amended.”

You can read Sustain's detailed response drilling down into issues of: the new public goods approach to farm support, the supply chain, smaller farms and farm diversity, workers, food production.

You can read the Soil Association's response, which finds that the Bill is not the radical rethink that we desperately need if the Government is serious about saving nature, restoring soil health and tackling climate change.


Leon Ballin
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