Cambridge Sustainable Food's new 'Taste Not Waste' programme

03 April 2019

Cambridge Sustainable Food (CSF) is helping restaurants, catering businesses and food outlets across the city to measure and reduce their food waste as part of its ‘Taste Not Waste’ programme.

Funded by Cambridge City Council and with support from the waste experts at WRAP, the programme offers free resources to help businesses cut their environmental impact, save money and attract new customers, who are increasingly looking for eco-conscious food outlets.

CSF help businesses to identify and trial a range of measures to cut food waste such as plate waste reduction campaigns to encourage diners to only take what they can eat, trialling different portion sizes to lower the amount of food left on plates, and giving diners more choice over their sides rather than serving something they may not eat.

In February, Cambridge Cookery became the city’s first zero-food-waste café after joining the ‘Taste Not Waste’ programme.

Cambridge Sustainable Food have also launched a ‘Taste Not Waste’ chefs’ competition which challenges chefs from restaurants, cafes and caterers across Cambridge to conjure up a delicious main course or dessert, based on what would normally go to waste in their kitchens.

Read more about the 'Taste Not Waste' programme


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