Every Mouthful Counts: The role of food in city-based responses to climate and nature emergency

18 October 2019

A new resource to help cities understand the role of food, farming and land-use.

In response to the climate and nature emergency, Sustain has produced a publication which aims to help cities understand the essential ways in which we must change our food system to help avert climate change and restore nature.

Given the gravity of climate change and precipitous loss of nature, there is growing frustration at the pace of change from businesses and national governments, so some cities are taking matters into their own hands. Over 800 cities and jurisdictions around the globe have now declared a ‘climate emergency’, over 80 of which are in the UK, including many in the UK Sustainable Food Cities Network.

Focusing on practical solutions, this publication explains the role of food, farming and land use in the response of cities to climate and nature emergency. It also provides guidance on how the solutions can be realised in practice.

Read the resource

Thank you to the many individuals, organisations and leading Sustainable Food Cities practitioners that have contributed to this briefing, generously sharing expertise and enthusiasm.


Leon Ballin
Sustainable Food Cities

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