Connecting local food producers and markets through food processing

27 May 2019

How do we create a sustainable food system that connects local food producers and new markets? Urban Food Futures’ blog post features food processing as the missing link. 

Urban Food Futures outlines some key considerations and recommendations from a chapter of Use It or Lose It: Local Food, Regional Processing and the Perils of Unused Capacity by Lauren Gwin (US context).

•Processing is often overlooked in local food policies as these often focus on short food supply chains.
•Food processing can support schools and institutions, reduce waste and keep food longer
•Balancing profitability and mission can be a challenge for processing facilities, but there are examples of business strategies to overcome this.
•Cities and regions can take an active role in matching supply and demand, such as creating and marketing a regional brand.

Read more on the Urban Food Futures blog.


Leon Ballin
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