Bristol launches bid to become Gold Sustainable Food City

30 May 2019

This national award has not yet been granted at Gold level to any other city in the UK and follows Brighton & Hove's announcement of their Gold ambitions in November.

Bristol’s Going for Gold bid puts ‘Good Food’ – food that is tasty, healthy, affordable and good for people, the city and the planet – at its core, and aims to make significant and long-lasting improvements to the way we grow, buy and eat food as a city.

Anyone who wants to get involved can log their actions at the dedicated Going for Gold website, and collect e-badges in recognition of their direct contribution to the Going for Gold bid. 

The website highlights ‘Good Food’ actions that individuals, organisations and those working in the food sector in Bristol can take to support a better food system in the city. The actions will bring a range benefits to people’s health, the environment, workplaces and communities, and aim to make a collective impact on Bristol’s food system.

An improved food system comes with numerous benefits including healthier people, fertile soil, flourishing wildlife, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and thriving local communities.

At a time when 40% of food produced in the UK goes to waste and the global food system is under mounting pressure, Bristol is recognised as a city with an active and innovative approach to sustainable food.

In 2016, Bristol was awarded the Sustainable Food Cities Silver Award. More than 120 organisations contributed to the application, demonstrating commitment across Bristol to making ‘Good Food’ part of the city’s identity, and laying the foundations for the Going for Gold bid.

To achieve Gold by 2020, Bristol will be taking steps to improve food in the city in six Food Action Areas:
• Buying Better
• Food Waste
• Urban Growing
• Community Action
• Eating Better
• Food Equality

The bid is being coordinated by Bristol Food Network, in collaboration with Bristol Green Capital Partnership and Bristol City Council. Essential Trading are a Going for Gold partner, and GENeco a Going for Gold sponsor, with several other organisations supporting the bid.

Deputy Mayor, Cllr Asher Craig, who chairs the Going for Gold steering group, said: “The Going for Gold bid is certainly challenging, but our city’s culture of supporting local food enterprises and nurturing innovation makes me confident that Bristol can achieve its aspiration of becoming a Gold Sustainable Food City.

“Our international reputation as a city with a vibrant and independent food scene is a strong foundation for individuals and organisations to build on and lead the way in making healthy, sustainable and ethical food available for all.”

Visit the Going for Gold website


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