Values-based food chains: a more resilient system?

07 June 2019

Urban Food Futures’ latest blog explores how values-based food chains could improve social and environmental sustainability, whilst operating under current market logic.

Urban Food Futures outlines thinking from Marcia Ostrom, Kathryn De Master, Egon Noe, and Markus Schermer in a special issue of The International Journal of Sociology of Agriculture and Food

Some key messages include:

•Short supply chains and local food are not accessible to all producers or consumers, and ‘localness’ is hotly contested

•Values-based food chains are a collective strategy that enables producers to realise the benefits of good stewardship whilst competing in industrial food markets

•Food chain participants share narratives relating to their values, such as transparency, trust, cooperative decision-making, environmental sensitivity and quality

•Medium scale farmers can address volume demands while retaining embedded values

•Policymakers should provide support structures to incentivise producers to cooperate

Tamar Grow Local is cited as an example of best practice by integrating policymaking and production to create streamlined solutions.

Read the full blog post here.


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