GM Free ME

16 October 2014

GM Free ME is a visual petition and an initiative of Beyond GM, a new collective of campaigners whose aim is to make a big noise and raise the level of the debate on genetically modified organisms in the UK and elsewhere, on both the local and national levels.

The petition is an alternative ‘national portrait gallery’ made up of real people who are tired of politicians and regulators playing with our food whilst accepting no responsibility for the consequences of the game.

The pictures here, and the people who take part, are telling the compelling story of the UK, which has for 20 years stood strong against immense industry pressure to become a GM nation and which still has regions, cities and local councils that have declared themselves to be GM Free.

With your support we can continue to stand strong. We can raise the level of this debate so that we can enable everyone with concerns about GM to be seen, heard and listened to.

Uploading your photo is easy (upload the card to pose here) and once you do it will quickly go into the gallery. But it will also go onto a map of the UK divided into political constituencies. The more of you in each area, the more power you have and the more pressure we can all bring to bear locally and nationally.


Leon Ballin
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