Monitoring & evaluation with SFC Oxford

12 February 2016

Good Food Oxford would like to share with the SFC Network the results of their study on Measuring and Evaluation and suggest a tool which could help many partnerships and projects identify the impact of their work.

With limited funds and staff time, but large aspirations for impact and reach, Good Food Oxford identified the need to be particularly strategic about undertaking activities that are efficient and effective in moving towards the goals of the Oxford Good Food Charter.

GFO is concluding its second year, and the Charter was launched 18 months ago. In this time, an amazing number of events and interactions have taken place, which have only been recorded in a narrative form for the information of Steering Group members.

As the organisation moves forward, and must continue to acquire funding and prove its value, it will be essential to have the breadth of work fully documented with some outcomes and impacts quantified. This monitoring will also be critical to evaluating whether GFO’s programme of work is best suited to meet its objectives and impact its focus areas.

Good Food Oxford aims to function as a ‘backbone organisation’ to achieve collective impact in the food system through the GFO network. The below table sets out the activities and outcomes of a backbone organisation, which framework now guides the work GFO undertakes.

GFO developed an Assessment Tracker, ‘The Matrix’, to keep comprehensive records of GFO’s interactions and influence within the Oxford food system towards the stated aims of a backbone organisation. This attempts to account for the ‘multiplier effect’ of a network member’s level of engagement with the network, and another of it influence over the city region’s food system.

An example of the format used is here:

Filling in the GFO Tracker form regularly will help monitor the types of activities in which GFO engages, where time and money is spent, any focal areas or backbone objectives that are over- or under-represented. This should enable basic analyses of the impact of Good Food Oxford, and it is recommended that these form the basis of Annual Reports.

If other Sustainable Food Cities would like to talk to Hannah Fenton about the process of developing Monitoring & Evaluation tools, you can contact


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