Brexit and the UK food system

01 July 2016

The three partner organisations supporting the Sustainable Food Cities Network were strongly in favour of a 'remain' vote. You can find the Soil Association's statement following the vote here, as well as Sustain's and their overview of the food sector's reaction to the vote.

Whilst the implications of the Brexit vote on our food system and environmental legislation are yet to be fully understood, a series of studies have been undertaken to help us understand the breadth and depth of these consequences and there will no doubt be further more:

• Stephen Devlin, New Economics Foundation, 'What Brexit means for Britain’s food', looks at the top policy priorities for the years ahead if we want to shape a fairer, healthier and more sustainable British food system. Read the article here

• Tim Lang, 'Food, Brexit and the Consequences: what can academics and the UK food movement do?', highlights the tasks at hand for the food sector after Brexit, as well as possible solutions. Read the article here

• Tim Lang's article in the Guardian, 'How will leaving the European Union affect our food?', looks at consequences on food prices and food security in the UK as well as the viability of farms in a post-CAP world. Read the article here

• This article from Food Navigator looks at the risks posed by Brexit, including rising food prices, watered-down safety standards, food law dictated by big-business, and a negative impact on public health. Read the article here.

• The Institute for European Environmental Policy has published a paper exploring the environmental implications of potential changes to UK agricultural policy post-Brexit, highlighting threats and opportunities. Read the paper here.

• Good Food Oxford have written a summary of some of the articles above and suggest a few others. Read their article here.


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