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19 April 2017

Following the announcement of the General Election to be held on June 8th 2017, Sustain have formulated what is at stake for the future of food, farming and fisheries in the UK. Sustain also highlight the challenges that lie ahead of the next Government's five-year term of office and the key commitments that should be included in the party manifestos.

Read the full party manifestos demands

Some of the key commitments we hope to see in the party manifestos are:

  • Set out how the UK Government plans to end hunger in the UK, as part of its commitment to meeting the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Increase the amount of fresh, local, healthy and sustainable food served in the UK's schools and hospitals, to ensure that the impact of volatile food prices is lessened for the most vulnerable, and to provide a better market for sustainable farmers and fishers.
  • Improve food labelling, to help consumers make healthy and sustainable food choices.
  • Confirm and develop UK commitments to improve children’s health, such as the Soft Drinks Industry Levy and Public Health England’s sugar reduction programme, which might otherwise get swept aside.
  • Signal what approach the next Government will take to devolution of powers and responsibilities to UK cities, to include - for example - public health, poverty reduction, action on climate change and sustainable resource use.



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