NHS England takes action to cut the sale of sugary drinks in hospitals

21 April 2017

The Campaign for Better Hospital Food welcomes the NHS England commitment, announced today, to limit the amount of sugary drinks sold in our hospitals to 10 per cent of total drinks sales. We are delighted that NHS England have heeded our calls to reduce sugary drink consumption in hospitals. This new measure will reduce the sales of all hot and cold sugary drinks, including added sugar fruit juices and milky drinks, served in cafes, vending machines and shops. This is great news for any cities considering becoming Sugar Smart; as when it comes to Sugar Smart hospitals, a lot of the leg work has been done already! This new initiative will mean that retailers in your local hospital will already be reducing sugary drinks sales. Let’s work together to push for even greater reform. More info on this story

Katherine Button, Campaign for Better Hospital Food coordinator, said:
“Earlier this year, our Healthy Hospital Food Brand League table showed that when NHS England sets clear targets, and companies are held to account, then hospital food retailers respond. The Campaign for Better Hospital Food welcomes this latest move to limit junk food and sugary drinks sales in hospitals. NHS hospitals are trusted by patients, families and staff to keep them fit and well and NHS England is helping everyone to take a big healthy step in the right direction.”

Find out more about the cuts to sugary drinks sales in hospitals and get your questions answered, here.


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