The future is flexitarian - how supermarkets and restaurants can and are stepping up to the plate

18 May 2017

Eating Better released today a new report 'The future of eating is flexitarian: companies leading the way'.

New YouGov research for Eating Better published today 18 May, finds that 44% of the British public are willing or already committed to cutting down on meat or cutting it out from their diet. And while a new Eating Better review of company activities on this agenda finds some companies taking a lead, people want many more restaurants, fast food chains, supermarkets, food producers and food service providers to serve better this fast growing market.

To encourage companies to go further and inspire more food companies to better serve this market, Eating Better is showcasing over 20 supermarkets, high street food chains and food service companies that are finding ways to support their customers to eat less and better meat and more plant based food.

When asked by YouGov what would most help people reduce their meat consumption, the British public said their top priorities are for restaurants and fast food chains to provide better choice of meat-free dishes or meals with less meat; for more price promotions for meat-free choices, more help with cooking vegetable-based dishes, more meat-free choices on school lunch menus and for supermarkets to provide more meat-free or lower meat ready meal choices. 

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