BHFP shares 'one year in' Food Poverty Action Plan report and Healthy Start Uptake campaign update

19 May 2017

The Brighton & Hove Food Partnership (BHFP) has produced an update on their food poverty action plan, 18 months in. Download at ‘Food Poverty Action Plan half way through report

The Brighton & Hove Food Poverty Action Plan takes a uniquely positive approach in difficult times, for example offering a vision of Brighton and Hove becoming ‘the city that cooks and eats together’ recognising the vital and often unsung role that sharing food – whether between neighbours or in lunch clubs. Shared meals and lunch clubs are the city’s unsung heroes, tackling the long term, not just emergency food poverty.

The plan focuses on prevention by looking at the root causes of food poverty; identifies who is most at risk of food poverty in the city and commits to involving those people in designing solutions.

Within the plan there is an ambitious aim that every child and every vulnerable adult should be able to eat one nutritious meal a day – as a bare minimum.

BHFP have also produced a brief report on their recent campaign to increase uptake of Healthy Start Vouchers, outlining some of the activities that took place. There is also a blog on the campaign (With links to poster, interactive map etc).


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