Get a say in the choice of the next SFC campaign

25 August 2017

Sustainable Food Cities campaigns have helped to transform policy and practice at the local and national level.

  • Sustainable Fish Cities went from one pilot to a national campaign covering 15 different cities and commitments from caterers serving 700 million meals/year to use sustainable fish.
  • Beyond the Food Bank created a national movement that is now spearheading the call for change alongside SFC members at the national level.
  • Sugar Smart is the current feature campaign. Nearly 50 cities and other areas, from the Isle of Wight to Aberdeen, are either running or interested in running this campaign including 22 SFC members.

We would now like to get your views on what the next SFC campaign should be from mid-2018 to the end of 2019. We hope to reach a decision by October in order to start the preparation work building up to the new campaign starting in summer 2018.

Deadline for feedback is Friday 15 September. Please send your feedback directly to Sofia Parente, SFC Campaigns Coordinator at

What is the broad theme you would like the next campaign to cover? Please note the theme should fit within the 6 key issues for the SFC.

Your ideas
Do you have a concrete idea? Do you know an existing or potential campaign that could be rolled out? Why do you think it is a strong campaign for the SFC network?

In case it helps prompt some ideas, we’ve included the following notes from the Edinburgh conference – what makes a good SFC campaign:

1 – To get Public Health on board, any future campaign needs to fit with current priorities around childhood obesity, food poverty and health inequalities.
2 – It needs to tie with policy change already happening at the national and regional level. Needs to be timely. Helps if there is already public interest around the issue.
3 – Build on the existing partnership relations to reduce the work load.
4 – Ready to use campaign resources is important but equally important is collaboration with other cities/SFC members to share ideas and resources.
5 – Need to be creative, smart with the use of social media to take the campaign message beyond the food cities movement e.g. use of mems
6 – Local campaigning should contribute to change in policy at the national level
7 – Campaigns should challenge status quo and not be afraid to be bold
8 – Find your local champions, support them to do the right thing and show the solution. Others will want to join.
9 – How do we measure success? Metrics and evaluation should be built in from the beginning.
10 – Need to link well with theory and evidence.

Thank you for your ideas!


Leon Ballin
Sustainable Food Cities
07 917 230 121

Sustainable Food Cities is a partnership programme run by

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