Round 2 of the SFC Coordinator Grants

18 September 2017

For SFC Network members not already in receipt of a Coordinator Grant, we are delighted to announce the opening of a new round of applications for funding.

The Coordinator grant aims to support the employment of a Sustainable Food Cities Coordinator for one year, adding capacity to help develop and deliver your food partnership and programme. We are offering a total of approximately 30 Coordinator grants of up to £10,000 each over a number of rounds. In Round 1 we awarded 11 Coordinator grants and a similar number will be available in this second round. To be successful you will need to make a clear case for why you need a coordinator, what they will do and how you will measure their success. You will also need to secure 50% local match-funding to cover half the costs of their salary and overheads. Applicants will need to show that the grant is contributing to additional capacity and additional work being delivered (continuation of an SFC Coordinator if current funding is clearly coming to an end is considered creating additional capacity).


The Grant is open to local food partnerships based in the UK that are members of the Sustainable Food Cities Network. You cannot apply for a Coordinator grant if you are already in receipt of one but you can apply if you already have a Campaign grant.

Please note, while funding decisions will be made on the basis of the quality of the application and the impact that the grant is likely to have, we also have a responsibility to try to make our distribution of grants as equitable as possible. As in previous rounds, we are expecting more applications than we can reasonably support. We recommend all applicants spend time on the SFC website and become familiar with our aims, key issues and awards framework for measuring progress.

If the local food partnership cannot be the employer then they must agree to jointly apply with an organisation that can manage the employment of an SFC coordinator. This employer must also be ready to receive the grant into their bank account and manage all legal and financial requirement of that employment. The local food partnership will steer the delivery of the work.  


Applications for Round 2 will need to be submitted by 13th November 2017 5pm with successful applicants able to begin work between 1st February and 2nd April 2018.

Full details of the application process can be found in the application form. Download

If you have questions relating to these grants, email


Leon Ballin
Sustainable Food Cities
07 917 230 121

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