Increasing numbers of fast foods close to schools

01 December 2017

More than 400 schools across England have 20 or more fast food takeaways within a 400-metre radius and the average density is increasing across England.

Cambridge University's Centre for Diet and Activity Research (Cedar) shows that pupils in the most socially deprived areas are exposed to five times as many outlets as their richest peers.

Public health experts have warned that heavy exposure of children to fast food outlets and increased consumption of high-fat nutrient-poor food leads to greater risk of childhood obesity, as well as heart disease and stroke in later life.

The number of fast food shops close to schools is increasing in all English regions, the Cedar data reveals, with growth highest in the north of England. In June 2014 the average English school had 2.3 takeaways within 400 metres. By September 2017 it had risen to 2.6.

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