Scotland - Increased funding to support children and families experiencing food poverty

23 March 2018

Projects that help people move away from emergency food support and get access to healthy, nutritious food will be offered funding for a further year.

The £1 million a year Fair Food Fund is being continued in 2018-19 to enable existing projects to continue their work. In addition, a further £1 million over the next two years will fund new activity to support children facing food insecurity, particularly during school holidays.

The Fair Food Fund aims to ensure that everyone can feed themselves and their families and reduce reliance on emergency food provision. The fund supports community projects that offer dignified and sustainable responses to food poverty.

The Scottish Government has adopted the ‘Dignity Principles’ developed by the Independent Short Life Working Group on Food Poverty (June 2016) to inform how we direct the Fund.

The additional £1 million investment (£500,000 per year in 2018-19 and 2019-20) will be focused on supporting children who can experience increased food insecurity during school holidays. The specific activities to be supported will be defined in consultation with key partners over the coming months.

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