Drive more organic in local restaurants and cafes

15 August 2018

Soil Association is asking for Sustainable Food Cities’ help by raising the profile of organic in restaurants and cafes – both to trade and consumers.

Organic food and drink in foodservice has risen over 10% in the last year, but 48% of people think there aren’t enough restaurants serving ethically and sustainably sourced dishes and two thirds believe it is not easy to determine whether organic food and drink is available. A third would be more likely to eat at a restaurant described as organic.

Soil Association has two tools to help drive and reward organic in this sector:

1) Organic September Menu Challenge: Chefs are being asked to try organic for the month, whether it’s creating an “Organic September” menu option featuring organic ingredients or simply switching one thing to organic like dairy, meat or fresh produce. Participants promote their involvement using the hashtag #organicseptember on social media and are offered free use of the campaign logo on their menus and websites. To find out more about Organic September and download your Organic September Menu Challenge pack, visit:

2) Organic Served Here: For those restaurants and cafés that want to make an ongoing commitment to organic, the Soil Association offers the Organic Served Here award scheme. The scheme offers a 1 to 5-star rating depending on the percentage of the menu that is organic, raises the profile of eateries that use certified organic produce and helps diners to find organic restaurants near them. For more information visit

If you are keen to engage on this mission - whether it’s passing on leads of restaurants, or promoting the initiatives in comms, events and press, please get in touch with Sarah on


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