Engaging Younger People - a Sustainable Food Cities and The Crunch webinar

Friday 16th September 2016

This webinar was organised by Sustainable Food Cities in conjunction with The Crunch, a UK-wide initiative created by Wellcome about connections between our food, our health and our planet.. This was the first in a series on using food to engage people.

Young people are our future. Providing opportunities for under 25s to engage with each other and their wider communities can generate new insights and fresh perspectives on sustainable food. We heard from those involved in this area including project presentations and ideas for your own campaigns followed by Q&A.

Listen to the recording


Introduction to Sustainable Food Cities, Alizee Marceau
Introduction to The Crunch, Maria Devereaux
Why engage younger people and top tips, Bran Howell, Eden Project
The All Ways Apples Festival and Dig for Devonport, Ian Smith and Tess Wilmot, Food Plymouth CIC;
Play Healthy, Lucy Antal, Liverpool Food People
Our Bright Futures - student led food enterprises: Maria Devereaux

Get in touch

Alizee Marceau - amarceau@soilassociation.org

Maria Devereaux - maria@sustainweb.org

Bran Howell - bhowell@edenproject.com

Ian Smith - ianmsmith1.5@gmail.com

Tess Wilmot - digfordevonport@hotmail.co.uk

Lucy Antal - liverpoolfoodpeople@gmail.com

Register - Engaging Older People webinar - 12th October

Save the Date - Engaging Families webinar 22nd November 2016


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