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    Our 2017-18 campaign seeks to help cities reduce sugar consumption

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    Luton, Nottingham & York latest SFC Network members

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    Veg Cities 2 May / Better Food Traders 9 May / Sugar Smart Local Award Schemes 22 May

SFC Coordinator Grants Round 3 Now Open

Submit your application before 30th April 2018

The Coordinator grant aims to support the employment of a Sustainable Food Cities Coordinator for one year, adding capacity to help develop and deliver your food partnership and programme. We are offering a total of up to 11 Coordinator grants of up to £10,000 each in Round 3.

Making the Health Case for SFC

A tool for Public Health practitioners

As part of our effort to help Network members to ‘make the case’ about the value of their work, we commissioned a study to capture senior public health professionals’ views on their local SFC partnership and programme. Results suggest that SFC can make a key contribution to achieving public health goals.

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Latest news

SFC Veg Cities Campaign Grants open 3rd May - 19/04/2018
Sustainable Food Cities Network members will be able to apply for Veg Cities Campaign Grants from 3...

Veg Cities is cooking! - 19/04/2018
Veg Cities will be a feature campaign of Sustainable Food Cities from mid-2018. It will support cit...

We need to eat less and better meat and dairy say campaigners - 19/04/2018
A powerful alliance of 52 organisations have set out their stall for how to eat meat and dairy more...

Open letter: Rethinking Junk Food Sponsorship in Football - 18/04/2018
SUGAR SMART is partnering with Healthy Stadia and have already collected over 60 signatures from le...

Good Food Oxford visits San Sebastián - 16/04/2018
Hannah Fenton, GFO Manager, describes her experiences visiting San Sebastián in Northern Spain in F...

Upcoming events

Food Citizenship Workshop with Anna Cura of the Food Ethics Council - 27/04/2018
Much has been made of the changes we need to make if we are to reduce the impact of climate change....

Veg Cities Campaign Webinar - 02/05/2018
This webinar is aimed at cities and other local areas interested in joining the new SFC feature cam...

Got money? Making the case for funding food policy councils (US) - 04/05/2018
The majority of food policy councils (US equivalent of local food partnerships) subsist on a budget...

What are 'Better Food Traders'? Webinar - 09/05/2018
Growing Communities and Sustainable Food Cities (SFC) are partnering up for this webinar exploring ...

SUGAR SMART Webinar - embedding sugar reduction in local award schemes - 22/05/2018
This webinar is organised by Sustainable Food Cities and Sustain and will focus on embedding SUGAR ...

Food & Drink Trade Show, Stockport - 20/06/2018
Overview : Food & Drink Trade Show, Stockport 20th June 2018. Great food and drink products brought...

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