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    Our 2018-19 campaign aims to increase the availability and consumption of veg.

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    Luton, Nottingham & York latest SFC Network members

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    Sugar Smart Local Award Schemes 22 May, 2-3pm

SFC Veg Cities Campaign Grants Open 3rd May

Submit your application before 4th June 2018

Members of Sustainable Food Cities can apply for this final Round of Campaign Grants. £5000 are available for those who can successfully demonstrate how they will make a difference to the availability and consumption of veg locally.

Making the Health Case for SFC

A tool for Public Health practitioners

As part of our effort to help Network members to ‘make the case’ about the value of their work, we commissioned a study to capture senior public health professionals’ views on their local SFC partnership and programme. Results suggest that SFC can make a key contribution to achieving public health goals.

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Latest news

12 SFC Coordinator Grants awarded in Round 3 - 21/05/2018
We are pleased to have been able to support 12 local food partnerships of the Sustainable Food Citi...

Big Lottery Fund new funding streams include 'Partnerships' - England - 18/05/2018
The Big Lottery Fund has made changes to their funding so that it's easier to apply. Ideas can be s...

Financial support for food poverty alliances in Northern Ireland - 17/05/2018
Food Power have opened up a round of financial support dedicated to Northern Ireland for those who ...

Draft London Food Strategy Consultation opens - 14/05/2018
The Mayor of London and London Food Board have published a consultation on the draft London Food St...

Veg Power - Marketing fund to inspire kids to eat more vegetables - 03/05/2018
Today a new fund is launched to tackle the critical issue of veg consumption which is contributing ...

Upcoming events

How Industrial Food Is Causing an Epidemic of Chronic Illness in Kids - 24/05/2018
On May 24 Beyond GM will be hosting Drs Michelle Perro and Vincanne Adams, authors of What’s Making...

The New Urban Food Agenda - 19/06/2018
19th of June workshop on "The role of cities in delivering food security and sustainability outcome...

Food & Drink Trade Show, Stockport - 20/06/2018
Overview : Food & Drink Trade Show, Stockport 20th June 2018. Great food and drink products brought...

Sharing the Burden of Supermarket Food Waste: Towards Sustainability and a Circular Economy - 27/06/2018
This one-day symposium is hosted by SURGE’s Sustainable & Resilient Communities research group (htt...

BATCH: South West, a Real Bread gathering - 07/07/2018
Join the Real Bread Campaign and Brook Food on Saturday 7 July for a day of baking, learning and me...

Food for Thought: IFSTAL Showcase Event 2018 - 12/07/2018
IFSTAL is unique. It brings together academic minds in food systems thinking with the workplace to ...

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