National #MakeRioCount Day

04 August 2016 00:00 - 04 August 2016 00:00

We invite you to join a national fun day to mark the global nutrition summit at Rio, the day before the start of the Olympic Games.

Across the UK, many local organisations are planning a holiday event which will provide a good meal for children and families along with some sports and fun activities.

The aim of the day is to provide a platform to voice our asks to Government.

We want:

A new vision for food and nutrition security in the UK which delivers healthy, affordable sustainable diets for all
A targeted package to improve the life-chances of women and children most at risk of a poor diet to:

  • Increase the uptake and voucher value of the Healthy Start programme
  • Protect and improve child nutrition during the school holiday by piloting holiday food provision for the UK’s most vulnerable children
  • Conduct annual national measurement of household food insecurity

National #MakeRioCount Day will

1. Highlight the good work of schools, charities, Councils and others making provision for children to get good food and free activities in the school holidays (and how valuable this is for children and families especially on a low income)
2. Raise awareness of food and nutrition challenges in the UK and internationally, and to highlight the need to keep improving nutrition in the UK, especially for children
3. And most of all to have a really good day with plenty of sports and good food enjoyed by children and families (and volunteers and staff).

What you can do

Find out more about our Beyond the Food Bank campaign

Read the Food Foundation's #MakeRioCount report on food and nutrition security priorities for the UK


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