Tower Hamlets Food Partnership joins Sustainable Food Cities

17 September 2018

This September we have a new member joining our ranks - a big welcome to Tower Hamlets Food Partnership whose first big job will be to undertake the ‘Know your food system’ research and scoping exercise to map and better understand local need, activities and opportunities.

Together they will work to the following values:

1. Community: Develop and strengthen cross-sector partnerships to help deliver our vision.

2. Knowledge: Share data, insight and expertise to better understand and improve our food system.

3. Action: Work collaboratively to identify, inform, fundraise and deliver projects to create a more equitable and sustainable food system.

4. Communication: Celebrate the joy of healthier, shared food by sharing information about local opportunities and services using online platforms and local networks.

5. Accountability: Collaborate, campaign and celebrate success to hold one another accountable for delivering objectives.

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Leon Ballin
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