Towards a Common Food Policy for the EU

11 February 2019

IPES-Food have published a new report arguing for a Common Food Policy for the European Union: a policy setting a direction of travel for the whole food system, bringing together the various sectoral policies that affect food production, processing, distribution, and consumption, and refocusing all actions on the transition to sustainability.

It highlights the conflicting objectives of existing policies, and the potential for new synergies to be established. The report maps out a new governance architecture for food systems (including the role of local food partnerships as well as the creation of an EU Food Policy Council), and puts forward a concrete vision of the policy reform and realignment that is required in order to deliver sustainable food systems. It offers a package of reforms that are clustered under five key objectives, carefully sequenced over the short-, medium- and long-term, and underpinned by new ways of making policies.

Objective 1 Ensuring access to land, water and healthy soils

Objective 2 Rebuilding climate-resilient, healthy agro-ecosystems

Objective 3 Promoting sufficient, healthy and sustainable diets for all objective (includes a requirement for member states to develop Healthy Diet Plans - covering public procurement, urban planning, fiscal and social policies, marketing, and nutrition education - as a condition for unlocking cap payments.

Objective 4 Building fairer, shorter and cleaner supply chains (includes that local, multi-actor, territorial-scale innovation must be built into the design of EU policies, and must become a requirement for member states)

Objective 5 Putting trade in the service of sustainable development

The Common Food Policy vision seeks to capture the growing consensus on what needs to be done to build sustainable food systems.

Download the Full Report and Executive Summary


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