UK Government introduces official measure of food insecurity

27 February 2019

We welcome this morning the announcement by Government to introduce an official measure of food insecurity in the UK.

This measure of how often low-income families across the UK skip meals or go hungry because they cannot afford to buy enough food will be introduced in April 2019 into the UK-wide annual Family Resources Survey run by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

Kath Dalmeny, CEO of the Sustain alliance said:

“For decades, decision-makers have been arguing about how many of our fellow citizens have insufficient income to be able to afford the food they need. Without reliable data monitoring, the impact of cuts to social services such as meals on wheels and the welfare safety net have gone largely invisible to the public, leaving vulnerable people suffering without being able to hold anyone to account.”

“It has been all too easy for politicians to dismiss data painstakingly provided so far by academics and voluntary groups such as the Independent Food Aid Network, resulting in denial, prevarication and unacceptable delays in addressing the shocking fact that hundreds of thousands of people in the UK go hungry each year. Better data will shine the spotlight on the extent and causes of food poverty, prompting the requirement for living wages, sufficient welfare payments, and decent social services that guarantee that all vulnerable people can eat well."

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