UK Councils declaring climate emergency

26 March 2019

In November, the councils of Bristol and Manchester passed motions declaring a 'climate emergency' and setting targets aiming to be carbon neutral by 2030 and 2038 respectively.

Since then, there has been a wave of Climate Emergency declarations. To date 54 councils have declared a climate change emergency in the UK with 19 of those places members of the Sustainable Food Cities Network. This is an area we recognise we need to get more involved in as a programme, so watch this space.

A Climate & Environmental Emergency Conference is being held on 29th March in Lancaster.

The programme includes:

Tackling climate with food; how to leverage your locality. Exploring how local authorities can leverage food systems to shift towards more regenerative local food systems and cultures. In doing so we will explore a series of questions as a group; drawing on case studies and established tools for inspiration. (Anna Clayton, Writer/Researcher, Ethical Consumer & LESS Local Food Project worker,Jessica Davies and Rachel Marshall).

Wasted: food, wellbeing and climate. Drawing on Lancaster as a case study, we will explore how local authorities can integrate action around climate change, poverty and food waste. (Martin Paley +) 



Leon Ballin
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