SFC Phase 3 programme update, funding and awards framework

25 November 2019

We are expecting full confirmation of SFC Phase 3 funding in February/March of 2020. Unfortunately this is slightly later that we had originally envisaged but, if confirmed as expected, it will mean a significant increase in the breadth (lots of new work strands), scale (100+ partnerships) and length (5 years) of the programme, as well as presenting a range of funding and support opportunities both for Network members and those interested in establishing a local SFC food partnership.

SFC Phase 3 Programme

Our Phase 3 programme will be built around three main work streams:

  • Reaching up - raising the bar of just what can be achieved locally and nationally on key food issues through both the individual and combined action of local food partnerships - including supporting a critical mass of members to achieve silver and gold status, as well as building on existing and developing new campaigns.

  • Reaching out - adapting and extending the SFC model to enable new places and communities in every corner of the UK to establish dynamic and inclusive local food partnerships and to build local good food movements of active and engaged citizens.

  • Empowering - helping SFC partnerships to learn from and support each other through funded peer to peer activity and giving Network members greater ownership of the programme, through involvement in governance, the awards and programme development.

Much of this will require exploring new territory and a test and learn phase before rolling-out more widely.

New Awards Framework

A new Awards framework will underpin the Phase 3 programme. It has been developed following consultation with and feedback from members of the SFC Network and partners. It aims to reflect recent developments across both the Network and society as a whole as well as strengthen the core elements of a successful local food partnership and programme. A final version of the framework will be published early in 2020.

We look forward to starting this exciting new part of the SFC journey with you!


Leon Ballin
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