Dignity: Ending Hunger Together in Scotland

06 July 2016

Scottish Government takes leadership in digging into the root causes of food poverty and explores means of ending hunger through prevention, crisis management and investing in long term solutions.

The report 'Dignity: Ending Hunger Together in Scotland' makes a series of recommendations including:

- The Scottish Government should introduce and fund a robust system to measure food insecurity in Scotland, alongside wider measures of poverty.

- The Scottish Government should use all available devolved powers, including procurement rules, to ensure work is a reliable route out of poverty, including payment of the Living Wage as defined by the Living Wage Foundation, and the promotion of decent work more widely.

- The Scottish Government and local authorities should prioritise investment in healthy meals at school, and further explore the potential for providing healthy meals as part of school holiday programmes.

- Community food providers (including those providing food in an emergency) should work together to improve the quality of the food provided and create opportunities to enable the sharing of meals, the provision of choice, and culturally appropriate nutritious foods.

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