SFC Grants Open for SFC Coordinator and Campaign Support Round 1

23 January 2017

Grants Application Guidelines


With the ongoing support of the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, Sustainable Food Cities (SFC) has begun Phase 2 of the programme. In Phase 2 our focus will be on supporting places (SFC Network Members) to significantly progress their Sustainable Food Cities journey. The two grants we are launching have been created with this in mind and with the additional aim of supporting progress against the SFC Award criteria.

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Two different grants are being offered:

Coordinator Grant: to support the employment of a Sustainable Food Cities Coordinator, adding capacity to undertake additional strands of work. We are offering a total of approximately 30 Coordinator grants of up to £10,000 each over a number of rounds. This is round 1. The coordinator grants will need to be at least equally match-funded to provide SFC coordinator time. This should be inclusive of salary, Employers National Insurance and pension contributions. The total employment costs for the SFC coordinator for 1 year should be SFC grant + equal match-funding. This grant will be offered to employ a local SFC coordinator for one year to deliver against the priorities set out by the Local Food Partnership and relates to the SFC framework. Applicants will need to show that the grant is contributing to additional capacity and additional work being delivered. Continuation of an SFC coordinator if current funding has ended is considered creating additional capacity. We will require a commitment letter from any match funding source(s) as part of this application.

Campaigns Grant: to support Local Food Partnerships to take part in our annual thematic campaigns in the form of person-time though the application may include some resource funding. The first of these thematic campaigns is Sugar Smart www.sugarsmartuk.org. We are offering grants of up to £5,000 each over a number of rounds (this is round 1) and we strongly encourage match funding. The campaign activity should last 12 months but the grant spend does not have to cover the whole of the campaign period. For example, applicants may wish to deliver a 1 to 3 month set-up period without funding then employ a campaigns coordinator to deliver Sugar Smart locally. The majority of funds should be for person time but it may also be possible to include some third party costs (e.g. campaign materials, publicity). Applications are more likely to be successful where match-funding has been secured. We will require a commitment letter from any match funding source(s) as part of this application.


Network Members can apply for both grants and apply for in more than one round. However, we have a responsibility for equitability across the SFC Network and will aim to support as many places as possible. Ultimately funding decisions will be made on the basis of the quality of the application and the impact that the grant is likely to have. We are expecting more applications than we can reasonably support. Your Local Food Partnership knows the sustainable food needs and aspirations of your area well and is in the best position to make a decision as to which grant to apply for. It is possible to apply for subsequent grant rounds regardless of applying for Round 1. We recommend all applicants spend time on the SFC website and become familiar with our aims, Key Issues and successful SFC Award applications.


The Sustainable Food Cities grants are for Local Food Partnerships based in the UK that are members of the Sustainable Food Cities Network. All SFC members are listed on our website. If the Local Food Partnership cannot be the employer then they must agree to jointly apply with an organisation that can manage the employment of an SFC coordinator or campaigns coordinator. This employer must also be ready to receive the grant into their bank account and manage all legal and financial requirement of that employment. The Local Food Partnership will steer the delivery of work.


Applications for Round 1 will need to be submitted by 20th February 2017 5pm with successful applicants able to begin work between 5th April 2017 and 23rd June 2017.

Full details of the application process can be found in the application form. Download 

If you have questions relating to these grants, email sfcgrants@soilassociation.org specifying which grant your query relates to. 


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