UK predictions of obesity levels and related human and economic costs hit new high

11 October 2017

Ahead of World Obesity Day this Wednesday 11th October 2017, new studies have revealed shocking predictions for the UK levels of obesity and related the human and economic costs.

The large-scale study by Imperial College London reveals a ten-fold increase in childhood obesity in past 4 decades. Figures from the World Obesity Federation (WOF) report that in the UK, more than a quarter of adults (27%) were obese in 2014 and that this figure will rise to 34% by 2025.

Over the next eight years, the UK is predicted to spend $237bn to treat obesity-related disease. For its new analysis, the WOF has for the first time costed in not just cancer, diabetes and heart disease but other harms, including damage to joints which may result in hip and knee replacements and back pain.

The World Health Organisation calls for action to take on BigFood by tackling the promotion, marketing, price and advertising of unhealthy food high in salt, sugar and calories. Lead author from Imperial College London calls for policy to make healthy food readily available to all.


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